Fun Senior Shoot

Posted by Julie on March 30, 2008 under Seniors | Be the First to Comment

Paul and I got to shoot Senior Portraits of some good friends of ours yesterday, wonderful boys who we’ve known since they were about ten. We went over to the high school theatre and had a blast playing with all the leftover props from the recently closed Peter Pan (in which the twins played Pan and Hook!)

I was especially excited because since Paul was primary photographer, I got to play with my Lensbaby when he didn’t need me to hold the reflector. Basically, it’s a lens mounted on a rubber tube that you move and compress to focus. It can be extremely challenging hitting the sweet spot of focus in just the right place, and since I can’t zoom or change aperture it forced me to really pay attention to shutter speed and my own physical location. It’s such a challenge that out of 200 photos, I told myself I would be thrilled to get one really good one – I was so lucky to get at least three, one of each of my boys!


Shawn, showing off his fencing skills. He had very definite ideas about what he was looking for in his photos, and we had a blast bringing his visions to life. I think we did them justice!

















Casey, so laid back and easygoing! His "Whatever!" attitude is such a perfect compliment to Shawn’s energy.

I love "sneaky" shots like these, when the attention is focused on the other photographer and I can catch the unguarded truth of pose and expression.












And of course, my wonderful Paul! I think it was too dark out in the auditorium for him to tell if I was really shooting him or not.